Swinging bells

Bells always have played a part in the weal and woe of mankind for centuries and still perform an indispensable function in our modern society. Who will not reflect awhile when the bells ring to announce a joyful or sometimes sorrow event. The sound of bells has become an essential part of our lives, something that we cannot do without. The “bronze-like” notes which are reaching us, first hesitantly, then slowly but surely and repeatedly, create a unique atmosphere and mood. The ringing of bells is of unforgettable beauty and full of meaning for everyone.

Often the question is raised as to whether it is simpler to hang a bell stationary with clapper for striking the bell. While much easier to do, the sound result is totally different. Two facts which govern the caractic sound of a bell are not there then:
1. When a bell swings toward you, the sound frequencies are slightly higher than when a bell swings away from you.
2. The “mouth sound” of a bell is different when a stationary bell is struck or it is struck on its side or border.

A swinging bell is usually assembled with a bell yoke and hung in a bell frame placed in a tower. The bell is then rung with an electric bell ringer motor or as in the old fashioned way, pulled by a rope.